Direct to Door / Door to Door Delivery

Advantages - economical, awareness, targeted, results

There are number of advantages of Door-to-Door delivery campaigns using door hangers or other forms of advertising. These campaigns, also referred to as "direct to door delivery," are very popular when marketing to local markets and local consumers. They continue to be popular because they generate results - responses and sales. There are other promotion methods such as direct mail, newspaper advertising, and television ads.

The first advantage of direct to door delivery is the low cost when compared to other forms of advertising. It is perhaps the lowest cost form of advertising to local markets. And it is 50% cheaper than using direct mail campaigns.

The second advantage of door-to-door delivery is that the consumer is far more likely to read the door hanger than direct mail. Since the door hanger is on the door knob, the consumer must physically remove it with his or her hand. This is the key point where the graphics and the copy must grab the consumer's attention.

The third advantage of door to door delivery is that response rates are higher and quicker than other forms of advertising. Responses usually begin immediately and sales follow responses.

The fourth advantage of direct to door delivery is that the client knows exactly when and where his / her door hangers were delivered. This enables the client to much more easily track responses and and assign them to specific campaigns for analysis.

In sum, door-to-door delivery campaigns are the most economical and effective form of advertising to local markets and local consumers. This method puts the door hanger right where it needs to be - in the hands of the consumer.

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