Delivery Verification

Leaflets, Door Hangers, Coupons, Product Samples

Our administrative experts are in close contact with each delivery crew and each customer during the entire distribution process. Each delivery crew has a supervisor who performs a spot check of each target area throughout the delivery. Call us to talk about our carefully targeted distribution campaigns and how we verify the delivery of your promotional message.



Service Areas

Where do you need an effective and affordable leaflet / door hanger campaign?

United Home Delivery can help you with door to door advertising campaigns nationwide. Visit our page with Delivery Service Areas.


I really like the website which helps you create an effective doorhanger campaign. We received many orders using door hangers in targeted areas.

Call us or visit with us to learn more about verification of your delivery. You are welcome to meet with us on site or chat with us about your door to door distribution campaign.

United Home Delivery - effective and targeted door to door distribution campaigns.