Direct Mail

Do you want an effective and affordable direct mail campaign?

Direct Mail can be one of the most personalized and powerful forms of direct advertising. It is private and a proven sales tool that is often underutilized. In addition to being private, it often contains some form of a direct response mechanism - a call to action - such as coupons or vouchers. Directmail can be utilized to supplement other advertising campaigns, such as a reminder of a "Grand Opening."

United Home Delivery's up to date, nationwide database can be used to target consumers with a pinpoint accurate direct mailing campaign. Direct mailing is a powerful and convenient way to grow your brand, increase sales, and reach the people who matter most to your business.

If you have your own mailing list, United Home Delivery can quickly and conveniently fold, stamp, address, and send your material. Our direct mailing service is perfect for you if you have something you want to cheaply distribute to a large number of people all over the country or want to reach a block of potential customers without resorting to flyers or door hangers.

To save even more money on your door to door delivery needs, consider using our professional distribution crews. With prices as low as 11-18 cents per piece, you could save as much as 75% on postage costs.


Personal and Effective

United Home Delivery can help guide you with your planning and execution of any directmail campaign. Target the correct demographics and identify their geographic locations. Listen to the pros on how to write and design the message. Do you need printing help? Read our page about printing advertising pieces.


I really like the website which helps you create an effective doorhanger campaign. We received many orders using door hangers in targeted areas.

United Home Delivery can help you with all of your directmail campaigns. CALL TODAY !!!