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How are the doorhangers, leaflets, and product samples distributed?
Depending on the job size, we have one or more supervisors managing five to eight walkers each. Walkers are given assigned areas and all are working at the same time.

What geographic areas do you cover?
We manage campaigns nationwide. Our core market is in Texas and our headquarters is in Houston, Texas.

How does the client choose the areas that he wants delivered?
There are several common methods to define the distribution area. Zip code areas are easy to define and a great deal of demographic information is available based on zip codes. Another common method is to simply draw a radius around a specific point and distribute within the circle. Another method is to custom select city or residential blocks because it is very easy to define the boundaries.

How much notice is needed to carry out a leaflet distribution?
We prefer to have one to two weeks notice prior to distribution. This will allow us to manage and coordinate our manpower.

How do I get my door hangers, leaflets, or product samples to you so that they can be distributed?
They can be shipped to our warehouse by commercial transportation carriers such as UPS.

How does your customer know that his leaflets have been distributed?
we send tracking reports each day to our customers. If it is possible, the best proof is inviting the customer to observe the distribution as it occurs.

How long does it take for the doorhangers, leaflets, or product samples to be delivered?
The distribution time period depends on the size of the job and the amount of manpower that is assigned to complete the task. Smaller campaigns can be completed in one day while larger campaigns may require two weeks.

What type of response rate can I expect with my doorhanger distribution campaign?
There are many variables that can affect the response rate so it is impossible to offer any reliable response rate estimate prior to a door hanger distribution campaign. The artwork and message on the doorhanger or leaflet is important as well as the demographics of the distribution area. Most of our customers have experienced 0.5% to 2% response rates, with some being higher.

What does United Home Delivery offer that other companies do not offer?
We take pride in keeping in close contact with our clients through out the job and making sure our tracking reports get in their hands as soon as possible. We want to develop successful doorhanger distribution campaigns for our customers so they will return for our services in the future. A successful campaign will usually lead to additional campaigns in the future.

United Home Delivery

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