5 Steps to Success

How to create a successful flyer distribution campaign?

Every business owner should become familiar with the 5 steps to a successful Flyer Distribution / Door Hanger Campaign. All five steps are important and failure to follow any of the steps could easily result in failed campaign.

Step 1: Define the reason(s) and the goal(s) of the flyer delivery campaign. The most common reasons given by customers are a new product launch, create brand awareness, and a special promotion. A door hanger or flyer distribution campaign could also combine one or more of the preceeding reasons, such as a new product launch with a special promotion. The client should clearly define the goal or goals of the campaign. Do you want the residential customer to make a phone call? Visit a web site? Eat at a restaurant? Visit a showroom and buy a new car? Once the reasons and the goals have been clearly defined then the art department can begin work on the doorhanger / flyer / leaflet.

Step 2: Define the distribution area. The client must "know" his customer - the demographics. Collecting demographic information will help determine the income level of the target group as well as other characteristics of the residential customer. For example, it doesn't make sense to distribute door hangers / flyers / leaflets for home gutter repair in a neighboorhood of new homes. Some of the key demographic information clients need to know about their residential customers are income level, age, martial status, and children. Having good demographic information would help a seller of baby items distribute in residential areas that have a high number of babies and avoid areas that are primarily elderly residents.

Step 3: Professional artwork for the doorhanger / flyer / leaflet. Remember the artwork and message will only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the residential customer. Therefore it is very important to have experienced pros, copy writers and graphic designers, develop the artwork and the message. The final doorhanger / flyer / leaflet should look professional and important. The message is critical because it must capture the attention or curiousity of the resident quickly. And use the proper quality of paper. Good artwork on cheap paper does not save money. If these things are done correctly then the response rate and future sales will have a much better outcome. Remember the old adage - "You only have one chance to make a good first impression."

Step 4: Select a Distributor. Obviously there are a number of companies that offer flyer delivery services. The greatest risk for the client is that the promotion material is not distributed to the entire target area. The best insurance for the client is to drive the target area during the flyer distribution process and observe and confirm. However, this is usually not feasible for clients. The development of a good working relationship between client and distributor is critical because distribution campaigns are usually repeated numerous times. It is always in the distribution company's best interest to perform the job well because the client will frequently return to distribution companies that perform well every time.

Step 5: Test and Analyze Results. Part of the beauty of a flyer distribution campaign is that it can be as small or large as desired. The client has the option of "testing" different artwork and messages on different doorhangers / fliers / leaflets with smaller campaigns. Once test results are carefully analyzed then the client can choose the most effective artwork and message for larger campaigns.

Flyer Distribution

Do you want an effective and affordable flyer delivery campaign?

A successful flyer distribution campaign is one that targets the correct market for the product or service. It is the most cost effective way to promote a local business to local people. It can reach thousands of local consumers in a very small amount of time. And when done correctly, the results suggest multiple campaigns during the year further improving brand awareness and sales.


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