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Generally speaking, measuring results of a door hanger or flyers distribution campaign is in the hands of the advertising client. Some thought should be given beforehand on how the results are to be measured. Actually, one of the first steps in the development and design of a door hanger should be how to measure the results. For example, if the primary method of measurement is to be a coupon attached to the door hanger then the coupon must be part of the graphic design and copy development stage.

So how does the advertising client measure the results of his or her flyers distribution? One method is to have a special offer or coupon that can only be redeemed with the return of the door hanger to the advertising client. This is one of the simplest methods and the advertising client can produce various door hangers with different offers, discounts, or coupons to determine which one works best. If there is a clearly superior response to one of the offers, discounts, or coupons then the client should use that particular special offer on all future flyers or door hangers to maximize responses.

A more sophisticated approach is to employ companies that conduct independent field and telephone audits. These companies will call and/or visit people in the target area after the distribution and ask questions about the flyers or door hangers and the customers' awareness of the product, thoughts about the message, and response. These companies are known as VACs, Verified Auditing Companies.

OK, you (the advertising client) have collected data on the number of responses and the resulting sales. Now what? The number of responses divided by the total number of flyers or door hangers distributed will give you a ratio or percentage, which is the response rate that can be compared against past and future campaigns. The profitability of the resulting sales can be calculated by the advertising client. Once the total profit has been calculated then simply deduct the costs of printing and distributing the flyers or door hangers. In most cases that will be a positive number and that is the profitability attributable to that specific door hanger or flyers distribution campaign.

Once you have done the calculations you will find that door hanger and flyer distribution campaigns are one of the most effective and affordable advertising methods available. And it is one of the most effective for local marketing. Good Luck !

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