Generate New Sales in Shreveport, Louisiana

How to Generate New Sales with an effective and affordable Door Hangers Distribution campaign

A door-to-door distribution campaign in Shreveport will help your company with four major advertising objectives:

1) develop sales to new customers
2) continue sales to existing customers
3) re-establish lapsed relationships with past customers
4) build customer loyalty

In addition, United Home Delivery works one-on-one with each customer and as an experienced doorhanger distributor we can develop and implement a campaign very quickly. Since our staff is located in Louisiana we can offer you our Rapido service. Our experienced staff can tailor the delivery campaign to your company's needs and delivery to your specific target market in Shreveport. Our goal is to meet your objectives at the lowest possible cost. We know that when we perform for our clients that they will return to us with their next campaign - that is one of our goals.

If you need assistance with the design and development of your leaflet or doorhanger the we are fully capable of helping you with this aspect of your campaign. In addition, our Louisiana based printing partners can develop and print your ad in various forms including 1 color, 2 color, or even full color. And United Home Delivery specializes in all types of door-to-door product promotions including publications, product samples, doorhangers, flyers, brochures, leaflets, and CD and DVD information discs.

Once you have determined the media and/or products to deliver, we work with you to “focus in” on your selected distribution areas. This can be determined in a variety of ways: by demographics, zip code, subdivision, “block group”, and/or GPS points with a delivery radius around each. We establish your delivery date so that you know precisely when your delivery has arrived on target allowing you to track the results and response. Our distribution timetable is precise, monitored, and guaranteed!

Why choose United Home Delivery as your Shreveport Door Hanger Distribution company ?

Because we know your promotional material has only 3 seconds to grab the attention of the potential customer. Our many years of door hanger and leaflet distribution has taught us lessons on how to maximize the results during those critical 3 seconds. We are a well established company with dozens of clients that return for additional doorhanger and leaflet delivery work. You will find our rates are very competitive and will generate an excellent Return on Investment (ROI). We offer our clients updates and will provide a distribution report upon completion of their campaigns. In addition, we have the flexibility and capacity to handle virtually any door-to-door distribution campaign.


Do you want "Rapido" door hanger distribution in Shreveport?

Shreveport is the third largest city in Louisiana with a population of approximately 200,000. The larger Shreveport-Bossier City Metropolitan Area has a population that exceeds 563,000. Shreveport is considered the cultural and commercial center of the Ark-La-Tex, the area where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas meet.

Shreveport has transitioned from an economy based on the oil and gas industry to a service economy within the last decade or so. The metro area has experienced rapid growth in the gaming industry with riverboat gambling, horse racetracks, casinos, and general tourism. A large shopping and entertainment complex was built recently and a newer Shreveport Convention Center was also opened. Shreveport is also hosts a major medical center for the region.

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I really like the website where you can track the progress of the door drops. We received many orders after using them.

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