Door Hanger Printing

Do you want an effective and affordable printed door hanger?

One of the frequent situations we encounter is that our new client has no printed door hangers. Not to worry - door hanger printing is an area where we can be of help. We will use the combined experience of our staff as well as the printing companies we contract with for all types of flyers, leaflets, newsletters, brochures, and doorhangers. A bit of forethought and planning will given any doorhanger distribution campaign a greater response rate and success. So what are some of the printing tips you should consider?

First, any leaflet, flyer, or door hanger will often be the first impression given by the advertiser. Therefore, all aspects of the printing job should be professionally done. The exact message (copy), the paper quality, the printing quality, the shape of the door hanger, and any coupon or discount are the most important areas to consider before the printing is done. The message should be simple, easy to read, and most of all, interesting. The message should grab the reader's attention and make him or her want to read more about the product or service and the benefit being offerred. Avoid messages that are too long or too "wordy." Remember, the door hanger has about 3 seconds to grab the homeowner's attention so there has to be a compelling reason for the homeowner to read more. And don't forget, the message must have a "call to action." What should the consumer do to purchase the product or service? Visit a web site? Make a telephone call? Visit a restaurant? The call to action must tell the consumer what he or she should do next.

Typically a door hanger printing job, from beginning to end, will take between one to two weeks. This includes time that is required for the advertiser to review printing examples (proofs), make changes, and give final approval. Obviously the advertiser should confirm all of the information is correct on the doorhanger proof, such as the web site address and telephone number. Generally, a heavier or thicker paper should be used for doorhangers to imply a greater degree of professionalism on the part of the advertiser. The advertiser who choses to use black and white photocopies as his flyer or leaflet is losing more money in lost potential sales than he is saving on paper and printing costs.

Door hangers will always be printed and cut with a hole for placement over a door knob. Often the doorhanger will also have a slit to allow it to be placed over various types of door handles or other fixtures. But the most effective way for an advertiser to differentiate his door hanger is to have the door hanger die-cut into a THEMED SHAPE. For example, a new auto repair company could have their door hanger cut into the shape of a car. A bakery could have their door hanger cut into the shape of a cake or pie. WOW ! Now that grabs the consumers' attention.

A small distribution campaign is considered to be 5000 pieces. A large campaign would be 50,000 pieces. The price per piece printed will usually drop as the number of pieces printed increases. And most advertisers print on both sides of the printed door hanger. The back side of the door hanger is the perfect place to put a map, directions, and additional selling points.

Many advertisers begin with a logo and a message but no artwork that is ready to print ("print ready"). In these cases, the distribution company and printer will work on a layout and proof for the advertiser. The preliminary proof is submitted to the advertiser for changes or approval. Once a final proof is approved the printer can begin the printing process. Once the door hangers are printed they are ready for distribution.

Professionally printed door hangers are an advertising bargin - their value in terms of responses, awareness, and sales far exceed their production cost.

Printing Questions ?

Do you want an effective and affordable printed door hanger?

Listen to the pros. They will give you the suggestions and advice of years of experience. And all of the professional advice you are receiving also applys to any direct mail campaign.


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