Listen to the pros for Successful Door Hanger Advertising

Every client wants a successful promotion campaign. How can you increase the possibility that your door hanger advertising campaign will not only be successful but exceed expectations? Below are some suggestions or tips that can shift the odds in your favor.

1) Hire pros - copy writers and graphic designers that have experience with this type of advertising. Ask them what they are going to do to capture the consumer's attention in 3 seconds or less. Ask them about their experience and other campaigns. Ask them what they found that "works" and doesn't "work." Listen carefully to their suggestions.

2) Call to action - you must tell the consumer what he or she should do - action. Some common phrases are "Call Today," "Call Now," "Get a Free Trial," "Request a Free Quote," "Request a Free Consultation," "Talk to an Expert," and "Buy Now." Other phrases are very useful to reinforce and support these calls to action. Some of these supporting phrases are "Money Back," "Satisfaction Guaranteed," "Easy to Use," "Free Shipping," and "Limited Time Only." Remember, the consumer must be told to take action to receive the benefit of the product or service.

3) Coupon or tear-off business card - many times the consumer will tear off a coupon or business card that is part of the door hanger advertising. Sometimes the paper is perforated along the area of separation but if not the consumer will find some scissors. This is an excellent method for generating new and repeat business. Coupons should have an expiration date to give the consumer a sense of urgency - use it or lose it.

4) Design options - sometimes you can have the door hanger die-cut to resemble your product. This is known as a theme shape and an example would be anything that is sold in a bottle - the door hanger can resemble the bottle. Or if the service is auto related the door hanger could have the shape of a car. Usually these little design options will grab the consumer's attention and he or she will read the message.

5) Select a professional door hanger company. We hope you will select United Home Delivery because we are committed to your success. We keep our clients involved in their campaigns and offer them various methods of tracking information concerning the distribution teams as well as distribution reports. We are well aware of the fact that a successful campaign will almost always lead to another campaign.

6) Ask your door hanger distributor for ideas. Your distributor should be experienced and has a wealth of information about successful campaigns. Ask them for suggestions and ask them for opinions on your ideas. Not only can they give you good ideas but they can help you avoid mistakes. Do not underestimate their value.

7) Plan advertising campaigns for the entire year. Use holiday and seasonal themes to your advantage. Some common examples are President's Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And don't forget birthdays - everybody has a birthday once a year. Weddings, football season, back to school - the list is almost endless.

Following these tips for door hangers will improve your results and success. Read about some of the successful campaigns on our page of testimonials of leaflet distribution campaigns and other door to door advertising.


What are the advantages of door hanger advertising?

There are a number of advantages with a direct to door (door to door) advertising campaign. Door hangers are unique because the homeowner must look at and touch them to remove them from the door knob. Read more about the advantages of door hangers.


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